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In the cemetery was enlarged and in a wall was built around it. The proposed measure calls upon Pres. However, as a result of the relentless efforts by the Armenian Diaspora and the Republic of Armenia, there is no longer a need to continue pursuing recognition -- having largely prevailed over persistent Turkish denialism.

It is high time that Armenian-Americans support congressional efforts that go beyond the mere repetition of the acknowledged facts of Armenian Genocide, and seek the more meaningful goal of justice, which entails the restitution and recovery of the substantial losses suffered write armenian online a consequence of the Genocide, including personal and community properties, and the occupied territories of Western Armenia.

The new House resolution also seeks to shift the U. Hagop Armenian Cemetery, was the largest non-Muslim cemetery in Istanbul.

Confronting the past is closely linked to security, stability and democracy in the Middle East. This greatest crime against humanity must be recognized and condemned once and for all, and first of all, by Turkey itself. The cemetery was built in after Sultan Suleiman I the Magnificent officially decreed the land to the Armenians.

The congressional resolution reminds Pres. The Armenian Patriarch launched a counter challenged, but the court write armenian online dragged on for so long that at the end the Ministry of Interior decided to confiscate the cemetery which covered ,sq.

This is particularly true in former Ottoman lands, where people view one another in the cloaks of write armenian online ancestors. In addition to the reverberations of the Armenian genocidemass crimes against Kurds and Alevis in Turkey, violence against Kurds and Arabs in Iraq, and Christian-Muslim tensions in Syria and Lebanon continue to poison contemporary politics.

Hagop Sanatorium which later became St. Erdogan is seeking to be a global spokesman for Muslim values. The racist policy has persisted unmitigated for the last one hundred years. That year, when a plague hit Istanbul, the Armenians began burying their dead outside the city, across from the St.

By declaring victory and moving forward to reclaim their just demands, Armenians would avoid falling in the Turkish trap of trying to reconfirm the facts of the Genocide ad nauseam!

The destruction of the centuries-old church was the final nail which erased the presence of Armenians in that part of the city. Just as the European powers opted for universalism in by denouncing "crimes against humanity," Mr. And truth and reconciliation are integral to establishing a new, stable regional order founded on respect for human rights and dignity.

And Turkey cannot serve as a democratic model until it acknowledges that brutal violence, population transfers and genocide underlie the modern Turkish state.

House of Representatives have introduced a resolution that advocates a new approach for the pursuit of Armenian rights in Congress, going beyond genocide recognition.

It was clear that the Prosecutor General was the designated spokesman of the Armenian government to articulate its new tougher line toward Turkey in advance of the Genocide Centennial. In a lengthy and comprehensive speech, Hovsepyan stated that the recognition of the Armenian Genocide by various countries is simply a moral and emotional issue.

InIstanbul launched a legal challenge to take the land from the Armenian Church. Britain, France and Russia initially defined Ottoman atrocities as "crimes against Christianity" but later substituted "humanity" after considering the negative reaction that such a specific term could elicit from Muslims in their colonies.

Turkey should lead by example. These documents clearly demonstrate that Ottoman demographic policy from to was genocidal.

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Statements made by a prosecutor general usually do not carry much weight in international affairs, if it were not for the fact that several other high-ranking officials, including Pres.

According to some, in a monument was built there write armenian online memory of the victims of the Genocide of Armenians. Persistent denial of historical injustices not only impedes democratization but also hampers stable relations between different ethnic and religious groups. The marble tombstones and monuments were sold by the city and the land was used to build, in addition to the Inonu Gezi Park, hotels such as Hilton, Intercontinental, and Divan.

Erdogan and his denialist rhetoric are reminded ofand that makes Turkey look very much like a security threat to them. While skeptics may not take seriously the recent policy pronouncements of the Armenian authorities, the Turkish Foreign Ministry has no such doubts. As long as Turkey continues to deny crimes committed against non-Turks in the early s, during the final years of the Ottoman Empire, its calls for freedom, justice and humanitarian values will ring false.

Furthermore, the ministry demanded the patriarchate pay 3, liras for cover court costs. Indeed, the phrase "crimes against humanity" was coined as a legal term and first used on May 24,in response to the genocide against Armenians and other Christian civilians.

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