Thesis preparation ubc

After the oral defense has been held and any requested revisions have been made, the candidate should submit one electronic copy of the final version of the thesis via iCircle to the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies, along with the final thesis forms: Electronic forms are available through the Graduate Office.

All MA students, whether full-time or part-time, must complete their programs within five years of initial registration. Full-time students must be in residence in the Lower Mainland for at least one winter session. Does not require signatures. For Political Science students, this means that any research involving human subjects, such as interviews and questionnaires, requires UBC Ethics approval.

Typically, approximately one-third of any given MA cohort in the department is working on a thesis-based MA. Normally, it will be held after completion of all required coursework, and is in addition to any course examinations. The Second Year Comprehensive Examination: Thesis Length of Thesis — Normally it will not exceed pages of text.

For more information on the fee schedule, please review the Tuition page. The final thesis should be no more than 60 pages in length, excluding bibliography, endnotes, tables, figures, and other appendices. Committee members are expected to attend, as are all PhD students in residence.

Skype or equivalent defenses may be coordinated with approval from the MA Advisor.

M.A. Degree Requirements (Language or Literature)

To read the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies policy on application for reinstatement, click here. The Graduate Committee may request changes, additions, or clarification, or it may approve the prospectus outright. Program Name The name of your graduate program must be in parentheses.

To ensure that UBC theses and dissertations are consistent, professional, and of the Thesis preparation ubc quality. Your completed thesis is a published and archived document that will be a reflection of you and your work at the university.

Once a date is set for the examination, deliver final copies of the thesis to all members of the examination committee at least 3 weeks before the date of the examination. For detailed information, please review the Doctoral Oral Examination Guide.

Below is an overview of the MSc thesis defence process. For the MA in Literature or Language with thesis, students are required to complete 21 credits of course work, of which not more than 6 credits may be or level courses; and 9 credits for the MA Thesis and Oral Examination. If you list them, you must include the following: A student who fails in one program may not transfer to another.

To read the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies description of different kinds of leave, click here. The student is expected to develop and demonstrate these qualities in an original, scholarly dissertation.


The kind and amount of thesis supervision will be dictated by the needs of the individual student and the preferred methods of the Supervisor.

Thus it seeks both to convince readers who are specialists in the proposed research subject and to explain the proposed research to non-specialist academic readers. Supplementary materials must be relevant to the thesis work and consist of electronic material or Thesis preparation ubc that cannot easily be included in the PDF of your thesis.

Previous Academic Credentials You may list your previous academic credentials under your name if you wish. Sample thesis Supplementary materials: All theses will be freely available electronically through the UBC Library website and the Library and Archives Canada website shortly after submission.Please review the resources early in the writing of your thesis, and to use them to check your thesis before sending it to the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies.

Important: It is your responsibility to proofread your thesis. Completing and Defending your MSc Thesis Prior to completion of the thesis, the student should review the Checklist for MSc for the completion of the MSc degree.

Below is an overview of the MSc thesis. All students are advised to familiarize themselves with thesis preparation requirements of UBC’s Graduate School.

PhD Dissertation Proposal Within 36 months of their date of entry into the program, PhD students must be admitted to candidacy, which means completion of all coursework requirements and approval of the thesis proposal.

Note on terminology: The term "thesis" in this section of the website is used collectively to refer to both master's theses and doctoral dissertations.

Final versions of all UBC theses must be approved by the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies and must conform to the specifications given here. Underneath “The University of British Columbia,” you must put the name of your campus, either Vancouver or Okanagan, in parentheses.

Date. For copies for the examination committee: The month and year of submission to the committee/external examiner. For final, post-defense submission: The month and year of final submission of your defended thesis. Students can consult the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies’ thesis preparation page here.

Theses which do not meet the specified standards may be rejected. Once the thesis is approved by the Supervisory Committee, a final oral examination on the thesis and its background is held.

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Thesis preparation ubc
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