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Social Stratification Classes and Castes. Music has been a popular pastime in the Solomon Islands. Stilts and windows provide needed ventilation in the equatorial climate. In the early twenty-first century, the most serious conflict was centered on Guadalcanal, where Guadalcanal residents faced off against resident Malaita people.

There is usually a village quad square where children can play and meetings can be held. Men often make critical decisions because they have to negotiate and account for the decisions if need be. The prevailing atmosphere of lawlessness, widespread extortion, and ineffective police prompted a formal request by the Solomon Islands Government for outside help.

On 12 JanuaryAustralia replaced its top diplomat expelled from Solomon Islands for political interference in a conciliatory move aimed at easing a four-month dispute between the two countries. Today marriage can take the form of a court marriage, kastom marriage, church marriage, private Solomon islands info gathered, or mere cohabiting.

Provinces of the Solomon Islands, as of click to enlarge. The police force is headed by a commissioner, appointed by the governor-general and responsible to the prime minister.

The Arts and Humanities Support for the Arts. Law and order deteriorated as the nature of the conflict shifted: The development of a national culture was also influenced by the battles Solomon Islanders experienced during World War II. He was ready to help those who seek his assistance.

There is a unicameral parliament of 50 members, elected for four-year terms. In the Solomon Islands, members of the Solomon islands info gathered family often help. Sign writing, for example, has been a big moneymaker.

When they die, there is festivity to mark the passing away of a life.

Solomon Islands Info Gathered

Women will suffer most in terms of finding new land for gardening and travelling long distances to collect clean drinking water for their children.

Although men take on the critical decisions, women often play a role in these decisions in the background, out of the gaze of others. The Solomon Islands has stellar scenery, including lagoons, lakes, fauna and flora.

If we are not careful, members of the same family or tribe will fight over royalty payments, leading to potential conflict and even death. More than 50 people were killed in the early years of the conflict.

Looking at the distribution of this number in terms of economic sectors, 58 percent of the employed were in the service sector including the public service, financial services, and trade; 26 percent in the primary sector, which includes agriculture, fisheries, and forestry; and 16 percent in the secondary sector including manufacturing and construction.

Today, most leaders are elected through either consensus or popular ballot. Later, a Malaita force was formed, called the Malaita Eagle Force. The Spaniards did search for gold during their exploration of the islands, but somewhat fruitlessly such that they left and never returned.

Many Solomon Islanders are natural song composers. Each ministry is headed by a cabinet member, who is assisted by a permanent secretarya career public servant who directs the staff of the ministry. This has encouraged both oral and written literatures. The Moro movement of Guadalcanal, Ph.

Except for Marubeni Fishing Company, which produces canned tuna, and Gold Ridge mine, which produces gold, most of the industries are comprised small or medium-sized businesses. Solomon Islands is a post-conflict country which for 10 years now been working hard to find ways it can prevent a recurrence of conflict.

Among vector-borne diseases, malaria is prevalent in the country. New Year 1 January is the most celebrated day of each year.

The search for King Solomon's gold continues in his namesake Islands

The climate of the Solomon Islands is equatorial, tempered by the surrounding ocean. In urban areas, however, the choice of space is limited because of the restricted availability of houses and the nature of freehold land tenure.

Literature, both written and oral, has had a sporadic history in the Solomon Islands. Lunch and dinner are usually the big meals of the day. With more businesses being set up in the capital, many graphic artists have had tremendous income earnings.

These are usually eaten with fish and seashells, for those on the coast, or greens, snails, eels, and opossums, for those inland and in the mountains.

The main industries are geared toward local markets, including the food processing sector, which produces such items as rice, biscuits, beer, and twistiesa brand of confectionery.

In other areas, family homes are made on artificial islands built over shallow shoals in a lagoon by gathering rocks and piling them together to make a "home over the sea.Islands and provinces of Solomon Islands in (click to enlarge).

This is a list of islands of Solomon Islands, by province and archipelago. Islands [ edit ]. The Solomon Islands are a group of islands in the South Pacific. They are known for their beauty and for the many languages spoken there. The capital of the Solomon Islands is Honiara. History. In the s the islands became a protectorate of the British Empire.

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Solomon Islands Info Gathered 1. Name(s) of nation, major islands/island groups, capital – indigenous as well as colonial Islands: Choisuel, Guadacanal, Malaita, Makira, New Georgia and Santa Isabel.

The population of Solomon Islands is() and the nation has a density of 21 people per square kilometer. The currency of Solomon Islands is the Solomon Islands Dollar (SBD). As well, the people of Solomon Islands are refered to as Solomon Islander. History records that the first European to come to Solomon Islands, Alvaro De Mendana, in gave the archipelago its name because he believed this area of the South Pacific was where King Solomon got the gold he used to build the Temple of Jerusalem.

Solomon islands info gathered
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