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The second configuration file is eri. In the upper left-hand corner, hit the "Ports" button and select the port you found in Device Manger. Unsurprisingly, this is illegal in many countries, including the U.

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This file tells the OS what it needs to display about a particular network as an index into the PRL ; for an example, take a look at the stock eri. How to Revert Back Sprint users, simply go to the Dialer and type Download the PRL zip you want to use and extract the file.

[MOD] PRL Write Enabler for Sprint Galaxy S4 [MDC][MDL][MJA]

This will leave you with a ". If that does not work, you are probably on Jelly Bean, so you will need to make a quick call to your carrier. Place this file into the root of your internal SD card.

Scroll down to "PRL" and confirm that it has been changed. Some people report getting the best service on very old PRLs, so really, your mileage may vary.

Sprint phones contain the following lines: Rename the file "TEST. Unplug your phone and turn off WiFi and Data.

Double-click the port, and double-click it on the bottom to load your device into the software. Unique serial number of the phone.

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As I have not been able to find a compilation of this information elsewhere, I am writing up this document in the hope that it will help others with flashing phones or porting ROMs to different carriers. If one adopts the Sprint configuration on a Verizon Wireless phone, for example, the phone would ring very briefly on a call, but would be unable to actually make or receive calls.

All you need is a PRL file a list at the end of this article explains them all. They will freely give it to you. Use it at your own risk. Note that 2G and 3G are unrelated systems with independent authentication; a phone can have valid 3G credentials and thus connect to 3G while being denied a 2G connection.

I found three places that store carrier-specific information. So what information exactly is stored inside the CDMA chip? This is typically called "programming" the phone by U.

Your device will reboot. Cover image from Android Headlines Related. You should see the log show "Device Unlocked". Back out of the menu and reboot your device.

Download Mode, or just DM. Plug your device into your PC and go to Device Manager. Other options include using the MSL Finder app.I am here because I am trying to set programmatically the layout_below parameter of some cardViews without success.

These cardViews are located inside a PercentRelativeLayout (I do not know if it is relevant but these cardviews have been added programmatically too). RD – Full and Partial Flashing, Blink Repair, One Click RF/PRL/EFS Write, One Click ESN/MEID Repair, Rebuild EFS TS – One Click Unlock, Full and Partial Flashing, Blink Repair, One Click RF/PRL/EFS Write, One.

Software such as CDMA Workshop, DFS, QXDM/QPST can be used to read / write information stored on a CDMA chip from a computer. Often, however, a 6-digit passcode known as the SPC code or the MSL code is required.

Mar 11,  · Ok, I have been using custom ROMs for some time and I used to be able to dial ###, enter my MSL, and update the PRL manually with a file from my sdcard. I tried to do that recently and when I dial ### nothing happens. So, figured it was the new ROM I was using. But, I have tried several.

Oct 23,  · Decided to write up instructions on how to change your PRL in a step by step procedure as this way is the only way I have learned everything I have done.

This is actually very simple to do. Just wanted to return the favors of others. Thanks go to Slayer72 for one set of instructions, h2o for a very. On the right-side, load the PRL that you want, then hit "Write". Disconnect your device, go back to Step 1 and put your device back to "MTP + ADB".

Back out of the menu and reboot your device.

Prl write apk
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