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When he gets to his moms house she is angry saying that she will not be living forever. Dec 13, Jermaine Hall rated it really liked it I have always hated reading because I thought it was a waste of time.

Even though his surrounding is filled with poverty, he still can come from out the hood and become a successful individual. He gets the two of them sodas and he talks to Paul.

After this happens Lonnie constantly refuses to play or show up to practices. Lonnie catches up with Paul again. This book has taught me how to be a better basketball player and has shown me how to face hard challenges in life.

He tells him that he wants a private talk in a different room. I think that everyone should read this book because it illustrations that no matter how bad life may be for someone, there still remains hope to make something positive out of themselves.

Lonnie is then knocked out. Everyone is waiting for someone to arrive but it looks as though Cal lied to them. She has aksed her boss about it but he just gets mad. He says that ever since Paul started hanging out with Lenny and his other friends he has been different.

As he is telling them this a man comes in. The find a locked drawer which Mary-Ann is able to pick. Inside the scrapbook are tons of photos of Cal playing basketball. Cal tells everyone to gather around.

Hoops Summary

She is curious about what they are doing. I have been learning that reading helps me with my grammar and comprehension.

Cal pays the ultimate price for doing this when he is stabbed to death in the team locker room. In payment for his work, he receives a place to sleep.

He is a senior in high school and is feeling tense about what his next steps in life will be. He gets his team together at a gym and they wait for their new coach. Paul said he gave Tyrone the mail and Tyrone burned it.

For the first time the team practices at a very nice school. He ends up losing to him again. In spite of his tough life when he steps on the basketball court, he excels.

Lonnie thanks Tyrone for his story and leaves. Eventually he tells Lonnie that Tyrone found out and he said he knew someone from the postal service that would get Paul arrested. Lonnie finds this as a perfect opportunity to play pro ball.

Paul starts to get mad and tells Lonnie to stay out of his business. He explains how after hanging out with is new friends he wanted to be like them in terms of money.

The day of the game it turns out that Cal does not show up for the beginning of the game. They find all the letters with Pauls name and take them.

The book is also slightly difficult to understand because there is some slang terms that people mostly in the city use.

The two play a game, this time Lonnie gives it is all. It relates to real sports problems. Lonnie apologizes about what he says to Cal. Ugly confesses that Paul has been selling him the checks for fifteen dollars apiece. He finds a man nicknamed Ugly. She is worried because her boss has been giving and getting letters from Paul her brother.

Finally this book takes place in a dangerous neighborhood which will help relate to some people. Cal tells him that the wants to show Lonnie something. The book also has a lot of basketball game sections that people who like basketball would enjoy.Unlike most editing & proofreading services, we edit for everything: grammar, spelling, punctuation, idea flow, sentence structure, & more.

Get started now! Mar 21,  · Hoops Part 1 Author- Walter Dean Myers Chapters Summary The book starts of with a character named Lonnie Jackson. He lives with his mother, his father left them when Lonnie was young.

Lonnie has an okay relationship with him mother. This book's plot has a lot to do with competition and scandal in sports. The book also. Complete summary of Walter Dean Myers' Hoops.

What is the plot of Hoops by Walter Dean Myers?

eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of Hoops. Cal is the coach of Lonnie's team. As a former professional basketball player, he uses all his experience to show the team proper techniques of playing basketball. Transcript of Hoops by Wlater Dean Myers.

Matthew Brockelman English Period 7 HOOPS By Walter Dean Myers -The Protagonist is the main character Lonnie Jackson who like all people from Harlem has an attitude and plays basketball and turns out he is pretty good like college scouts are looking at him but his attitude and weird coach he.

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Plot for hoops by walter dean myers
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