Persuasive speech on pet adopt and breeders

I later went back with my mom and fell in love with him like she had. The most recent dog we have rescued is our unknown breed probably has chihuahua and dachshund in him named Ziggy.

Pet Adoption: Persuasive Essay

At the beginning, I want to say that I like animals very much. My sister also adopted a dog. Many of the puppies from these mills have health or behavioral problems. Many owners of the former shelter pets became good friends of that particular shelter, and the shelter owners are always very happy to listen to some news about the life of the dogs in their new homes.

But comparing and contrasting all advantages of being the owner of a cat and a dog, I decided to choose the dog.

Thinking about what type of pet to choose, I doubted between cat and dog. He was 8 months old when she got him. His mother was a wild cat and he was born in the wild when someone brought him into the shelter.

It was a kind of dilemma for me. By the way, according to Suthers-McCabea person who took the dog at the shelter can always ask for advice on rearing, feeding, training, and if necessary to consult a veterinarian.

He has lots of energy for a older dog and a very sweet personality. Nobody wanted him so my mom decided to get him. Reading the previous statement, it can seem that I need only a pure-bred dog, but it is not true because naming different breeds of dogs I was only trying to define their sizes.

He loves to lay in your lap and be petted. There exist many shelters where different kinds of animals live and wait for their future owners. She got a chihuahua pug mix named Dylan. The second pet I adopted was my dog Tigger. My life was full of animals from the early childhood.

In such a way, the main aim of this assignment to discuss the topic of pet adoption, and to present the ways how I am planning to adopt a pet in the nearest future.

It is impossible to know how many stray animals there are in all of the United States, but a rough estimate of stray cats is seventy million.

He had a little bit of a cold and a clogged tear duct, but they were easy to fix and manage. In such a way, having a long conversation with my grandparents, I persuaded them to adopt a new dog together with me.

He has so much personality and loves everybody he meets. He was probably wandering the woods for a long time because his front bottom and top teeth are reduced to black nubs. In my opinion, it looks like a kind of egoism from their side because every animal in a shelter is waiting for love and care from human side.

We brought him home a few days later. Puppy mills have been around for several decades.Persuasive Speech PET ADOPTION - Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

Persuasive speech that show why it is better to look for a pet in a shelter rather than a pet store.5/5(2). Pet Adoption: Persuasive Essay Blog for my English class.

Essay on Pet Adoption

or get their pet micro-chipped. Also, people can adopt a pet rather than buy or spread the word and encourage others to adopt their companion. the workers will say from small breeders and that they have high quality breeders. This is a lie. Pet stores are lying to uninformed. Oct 22,  · Pet Adoption: Persuasive Essay Blog for my English class.

Saturday, October 22, Adopt Rather than Buy Almost everyone is the United States wants to own their own lovable puppy or kitten. Little do people know, four million to five million animals are killed each year at animal shelters.

The money you use to adopt.

Adopt-a-Pet Persuasive Speech How many of you have a pet, living with you or with your parents? Do you know if you got it from an animal shelter?. Pet Adoption (Persuasive Essay) Topics: Dog, Pet, Puppy Pages: 3 ( Also, people can adopt a pet rather than buy or spread the word and encourage others to adopt their companion.

There are many rescue groups that go into animal shelters and take the ones they believe will be able to be adopted right before they are killed. persuasive speech study guide by alexa_m_anderson includes 34 questions covering vocabulary, terms and more.

THIS IS WHY PEOPLE SHOULD ADOPT, NOT SHOP FOR PETS! While this is happening there are others out buying pets from either breeders or pet shops, without understanding that they could be saving homeless & .

Persuasive speech on pet adopt and breeders
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