Peerless starch company

The Peerless Starch Company had started in Blair, Indiana during the Civil War when the founder had developed one of the first methods to extract starch from corn. Ludwig had resolved not to take any action until the assistant manager completed his study.

But then suddenly, in the spring ofa number of circumstances coalesced.

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Instead they picked an outsider to become president and chief executive officer: The more Ludwig thought about Peerless starch company the more he became convinced that Peerless had the social responsibility to try to save the Blair mill, and the town with it. During World War II it had boomed.

You have no right to do so. And, it turned out that the founding family owned practically no stock at all. It soon became apparent to Ludwig Peerless starch company, economically, Blair was on very shaky ground. And you propose to sacrifice the 8, people you employ outside of Blair, Indiana just for the people at Blair.

The Peerless Starch Company mill in Blair, Indiana seemed to be the only exception to this general rule of slow decay and downhill drift.

All newer Peerless mills, for instance, were single story buildings, whereas Blair had five stories capped by twin towers. Then, in your own words, summarize the issues involved in this case there are quite a few and indicate whether Glen Baxter has a case and provide a thorough discussion to support your conclusion.

Things had been drifting from bad to worse and no one in the Blair, Indiana Mill expected that they would ever change. But Blair came close to collapse.

Peerless Starch Company

Send to etutoring ASAP and provide your instructor a revised write-up based on etutoring comments by Friday, April Yet Ludwig also knew that he had to make a decision fast. But the company had prospered so much that three additional mills were built in rapid succession during the years after World War II: Finally, and within the write-up, discuss what you would do if you were John Ludwig?

Still he saw no choice in conscience but to try. But then Blair, Indiana had gradually drifted into being first a run-down and then a depressed area. As a business decision, there was clearly no choice: And from the chief executive officer — the grandson of the founder — on down, all executives were Blair men who had started in the mill and worked their way up, and who were more often than not second- or third-generation Peerless employees.

But the central problem of Blair, and the greatest drain in money, was that Blair did not turn out quality products. And surely Baxter would support a plan that maintained 2, jobs for his members! Closing Blair would entail very heavy short-run costs, mainly severance pay.

The Peerless Starch Company was the largest employer in town, employing well over 8, men out of a population of— or every fourth head of a family. The new mills in Illinois, Texas, and Oregon had managed to hold their own — indeed Oregon did phenomenally well and managed to bring out a highly profitable new line of synthetics without even telling the folks in Central Research in Blair, Indiana that quickly became industry leaders.

Baxter had attended the same college as Ludwig, had wanted to become a minister, and had actually had a year or two of divinity school, but had then turned to economics and was now the economist for the very union that represented the Peerless workers.

Despite all the efforts of the sales department, whole carloads of the stuff came back — often with a curt note: By mid Blair was losing more money than the other three mills made, so that Peerless no longer showed any profit and, indeed, barely managed to earn the interest on its fixed debt.The Peerless Starch Company of Blair, Indiana.

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Then, in your own words, summarize the [ ]. The other plants in the region have all shut down and currently Peerless starch is the only active plant in the region and it employs of the residents of the Blair.

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Peerless starch company
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