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Detection of iodine contrast agent. The goal of the project is to study higher order flow harmonics e. Data Analysis There exist a few measurements that suggest an annual modulation in the activity of radioactive sources.

We are looking for all-round physicists with interest in both lab-work and data-analysis. Theory predicts that in heavy-ion collisions gluonic fields create domains where the parity symmetry is locally violated.

CP violating effects in QCD: Particle polarisation in strong magnetic fields When two atomic nuclei, moving in opposite directions, collide off- center then the Quark Gluon Plasma QGP created in the overlap zone is expected to rotate. We urgently need a master student to 1 analyze the first big data set, and 2 contribute to the first physics paper from the experiment.

A search for lepton non-universality in Bc meson decays Recently, LHCb experiment has reported a number of intriguing deviations from SM in leptonic decays of B mesons. Furthermore, a robust statistical methodology with an artificial neural network learning algorithm will be used to obtain a precise estimation of the FF uncertainties.

Specific projects with students can be defined; those are mostly experimental, although there might be some theoretical tasks, like: There will also be opportunity to do data-taking shifts at the Gran Sasso underground laboratory in Italy. Most of the information carried by the photon energy is lost.

Our group has an opening for a motivated MSc student to do analysis with the data from this detector. The latter would appear as missing 4-momentum in a kinematically constrained decay.

Physics beyond the Standard model from molecules Our team, with a number of staff members Ubachs, Eikema, Salumbides, Bethlem, Koelemeij focuses on precision measurements in the hydrogen molecule, and its isotopomers. The only evidence for high energetic neutrinos from cosmic sources so far comes from detections with the IceCube detector.

The ANTARES neutrino telescope has since continuously taken neutrino data with high angular resolution, which can be exploited to further scrutinize the locations of these neutrino sources.

This manifests itself in a charge-dependent asymmetry in the production of particles relative to the reaction plane, which is called Chiral Magnetic Effect CME. ESA plans to launch around three spacecrafts that are separated by a few million kilometers to measure tiny variations in the distances between test-masses located in each spacecraft to detect the gravitational waves from sources such as supermassive black holes.

A search for lepton flavor violation with tau decays Quarks mix, neutrinos mix, charged leptons do not mix. If you are interested in this topic, please contact me in an early stage of your orientation such that we can arrange for a proper supervision.

QED calculations in molecules, when working in Warsaw and partly in Amsterdam. Also a target of studies is the connection to the "Proton size puzzle", which may be solved through studies in the hydrogen molecular isotopes.

On detector side the leptons electrons and muons are easy to reconstruct and such a sample contains very little "non-lepton" background. This will be the first ever measurement of this kind. Realistic simulations based on hardware noise characterization measurements that were done at TNO will be carried out and compared to the expected tantalizing gravitational wave sources.

With a few groups from the XENON collaboration we have developed four sets of table-top experiments to investigate this effect on a few well known radioactive sources.

These studies are highly anticipated by both the experimental and theoretical communities.

Searching for gravitational waves from compact binary coalescence Matched-filter searches for gravitational-wave signals from binary neutron stars, binary black holes and neutron-star-black-hole systems have been successful but many simplifications have been made.

In this formalism, bSM effects are encapsulated in higher-dimensional operators constructed from SM fields respecting their symmetry properties. We are looking for enthusiastic master students to help setup the laser system that will be used to detect BaF. Only for the high energetic muon neutrino candidates a high resolution in the direction has been achieved, but also for those no significant correlation to astrophysical sources has to date been detected.

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Master Thesis Particle and Astroparticle Physics Study of the response to isolated muons from Supervisors: Dr. Henric Wilkens Dr.

Ivo van Vulpen Prof. dr. Paul Kooijman ATLAS Experiment, NIKHEF/CERN Universiteit van Amsterdam April 17, Abstract This thesis presents a calibration study of the ATLAS Tile Calorimeter’s gap/crack cells.

Master Thesis Spin correlations at hadron colliders Ioannis Tsinikos Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Eric Laenen, Dr. Marcel Vreeswijk. Spin correlations at hadron colliders Ioannis Tsinikos Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Eric Laenen, Dr. Marcel Vreeswijk Abstract Spin is a quantum property of elementary particles which has no classical analogue.

Its value deter. Thesis Formatting Guidelines for Master’s Degree Candidates Converting Your Thesis to PDF.

LINE SPACING: Normally theses are formatted double-spaced. Single-space or one-and-a-half space formatting for the body of your thesis is accepted only with prior approval of your thesis.

University of Amsterdam Master Thesis Reliability of the Parameterised Test of General Relativity on GW and GW An assessment of model waveforms and robustness of the test’s results by veloped in the gravitational waves group of Nikhef (National Institute of Subatomic Physics).

In this work. APPLYING GRIDPIX AS A 3D PARTICLE TRACKER FOR PROTON RADIOGRAPHY Master Thesis of Panagiotis C. Tsopelas Supervisors: prof. dr. ir.

Els Ko eman The detector R &D group of Nikhef, in Amsterdam is collaborating with The thesis ends with conclusions and suggestions for future experiments. 3. Chapter 2.

Nikhef master thesis pdf
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