Maven war web resources overwrite a file

Also we want the application logo to be different for the two environments. This runs the target using the development profile notice the "-P" parameter. Most version control systems can be configured to grant access to the project files only to the people who really need to work on them.

For production, the fragment becomes: The maven-war-plugin is responsible for webapp resource filtering. The fragment for the development environment must be modified as follows: Profiles can be activated automatically, e.

Another way to think about this distinction is classpath resources vs. You can choose any name for them - there is no particular convention.

A profile is the centralized place where you can define build parameters that apply only to certain environments but not to others.

Putting it all together: If you want to build for the production environment you can run: However it can also be bad, if company policies do not allow passwords to be stored in the source files or if the development team and the deployment team must not share knowledge of passwords.

The relevant files are: Webapp resource filtering A web application resource is any jsp, html, css, javascript, etc. Briefly, this is a war-overlay project built on top of a standard Portofino distribution.

They can also be specified in user-specific files, outside the project directory structure. Webapp resources are of the latter type. To get something useful out of them, we need to dig into web resource filtering, as discussed in the following two sections. Further readings Maven can be employed in many useful situations.

These lines also go into the pom. In our case there will be: The original file looked like this: Many Maven users find this distinction confusing at first, thinking that all resources are of the same type.

So this approach is structured, has tool support, and only requires the project team to trust its members. This may be good or bad from a security perspective. Also notice that, with the shown values, we intend to connect to an Oracle XE instance running on the local machine.

Using Maven profiles and resource filtering

The project uses Maven to introduce some basic configuration and customizations. In our case the database connection details are environment-specific. To configure it use the following pom. It can be good because the location of the passwords is known and declared upfront.

This file, most likely, will end up in the version control system and shared by a group of people.I am trying to copy few jar files from web-inf/lib folder to src/main/webapp/applet folder which are all the required archive for applets so that jar files present in the output war file.

I want this copy operation need to be performed during maven killarney10mile.comy I tried two options one with. How to overwrite files in the WAR file during maven build? Ask Question.

I think you dont need to use an external war file if you are using the maven-war-plugin and the overlays. Add an environment command line parameter to copy files from an environment-specific directory like resources-prod to the target WEB-INF/classes.

I have to create test war and production war, which will have a different killarney10mile.comties file in the WEB-INF directory. I have these files killarney10mile.comties (test war) and killarney10mile.comties (for.

Using Maven profiles and resource filtering which end up in the WEB-INF/classes directory of the WAR file. Many Maven users find this distinction confusing at first, thinking that all resources are of the same type. Enabling and configuring web resources filtering --> killarney10mile.coms.

killarney10mile.comite Yes Specify if resources contained in should overwrite existing resources in. I has been copying some patched jars inside war files in order to test remediated jars without uploading them to the maven repo, and everything goes well when applying the maven-war-plugin as long as the jar does no exists they are placed inside the war, so no overwrite is happening, but the copy does happen.

Maven war web resources overwrite a file
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