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Brief of every chapter of the report must be mentioned in this paragraph. Payment abroad in settlement of usance bill against the Back to Back Letter of Credit shall be made at maturity out of proceeds of the relative export repatriated in Internship report of nccbl exchange, the required foreign exchange will be set aside out of the export proceeds in a separate foreign currency account in the subsidiary ledger of the Authorized Dealer.

The first chapter of this study deals with introduction that presents the objectives, Methodology, Scope of limitation of the study. It is usually made within seven days after the documents have been received. Then the credit department studies the case; and if satisfied then sanctions the limit and returns back to the branch.

But incase of irrevocable L. The fifth chapter is about conclusions and recommendations which are drawn by analysis of whole study. Wrong tenor shown in the Bill of Exchange, partial shipment is beyond L. C amount, shipping mark, H. Scope of the report: Currently the bank has a workforce of employees.

If any major discrepancies are found in the document then it is immediately informed to the importer for his opinion. Ascertain the genuineness of proforma invoice, whether duly signed mentioning full address and name of their banker. Back to Back letter of credit may in turn be opened for import of Necessary inputs, against Inland Back to Back Letter of Credit in favor of a local manufacturer-cum-supplier operating under the bonded warehouse system.

The bank has made significant progress within a very short time period due to its dynamic management and introduction of various consumer — friendly loan and deposit products.

The supplier beneficiary of the back to back credit ships goods to the importer or supplies goods to the exporter and present documents to the bank as specified in the credit.

The information incorporated in this report has been gathered from primary and secondary sources. Then the bank which has got authorized dealership for foreign exchange may open back to back import letter of credit against export letter of credit received by export oriented industrial units operating under the bonded warehouse system, subject to observance of domestic value addition requirement prescribed by the Ministry of Commerce fro time to time.

The main findings of the study are as follows: The bank aims to recruit and a competent workforce. This is the vital part of the executive summary. Process of advising a Letter of Credit 3.

C to the importer. C are given below: NCCBL credit policy is very restrictive, the bank has little concern about advertising process, the bank has no written lending guidelines, loan sanctioning process is lengthy etc.

For this reason I had to be attached with an organization so that I can have some practical job related experience along with all academic knowledge.

The sponsors of the new bank consisted of 26 TInty six Members, who comprised the first Board Internship report of nccbl Directors. Informal conversation with the clients.

The bank has been able to attain a commendable CAMEL rating and its performance has been outstanding in terms of profitability for the year ended A telex is transmitted to the correspondent bank ensuring that payment is being made.

B value of the relative master export letter of credit and the price of goods to be imported must be competitive. C are included in the invoice, other information supplied in the invoice is consistent with that of the other document like marks, numbers, transportation information etc, whether the currency of the invoice is the same as that of the L.

The beneficiary himself however may be unable to supply the goods and may need to purchase them from and make payment to another supply.

D rate is paid to the ID, the difference between these two rates is known as Exchange Trading. The benefit of an irrevocable documentary credit the primary credit may be available to a third party where the primary beneficiary uses the documentary credit as security or collateral; to obtain another documentary credit in favor of the actual supplier.

C must not be opened in favor of the importer. To see whether that application is signed by the importer. In such situation, the credit should be amended. The present authorized capital of the Bank is Tk.

After scrutinizing the application, if the officer s agrees to open a letter of Credit, the following entries are given to realize the L.This internship report is an accumulation of many people's endeavor. Major contribution was received from the officers of the NCCBL especially from Mr.

Sarwa, r Murshed.

Assignment Point - Solution for Best Assignment Paper. Assignment; Annual Report The study has been conducted as a partial requirement of the internship program of school of Business of Independent University, Bangladesh. The study will concentrate on the export and import business of NCCBL.

Methodology. This report is composed of. Executive Summary is called the most important part of dissertation or Internship report. NCCBL credit policy is very restrictive, the bank has little concern about advertising process, the bank has no written lending guidelines, loan sanctioning process is lengthy etc.

Assignment Point - Solution for Best Assignment Paper

At last internship program has been finished and my internship report is prepared. Hope that by these true words, it will be a welcome opportunity for me to prepare this about NCCBL and also my.

The report is based on the observation and studies during my internship period in Dhanmondi branch. According to the study at first I will focus on company’s background, management style, present status and specially the products of NCCBL etc. Performance Evaluation on Ncc Bank Ltd INTRODUCTION origin of the report I started my internship on National Credit & Commerce Bank Limited –NCCBL Motijheel Branch on 19th September and ended on 19th December Throughout my internship period Fatima Satter, Lecturer of Eastern University was my academic supervisor and Assistant Vice President & Manager .

Internship report of nccbl
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