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Whilst the coating slip on the reverse according to the prior art is generally made less water absorbent, the composition of the coating on the reverse according to the invention is produced so that the coating is hydrophilic. The embodiment of the invention Intermills label paper above is one example given by way of illustration, and the invention is in no way limited to this example.

The reference and measuring signals are compared in a comparison device 14 arranged to produce respectively a command signal S1, S2, S3 representing the difference between each measuring signal and the corresponding reference signal. The method of manufacturing a coated paper as set forth in claim 13, characterized in that the composition of the hydrophilic coating slip is chosen to have a high speed of water absorption during a predetermined space of time.


Clear labels applied by hand does cause issues due to the transparency of the material. For the pigment material a mixture of kaolin and calcium carbonate with very fine particles is chosen.

The versatility of clear labels is in high demand especially for products with transparent containers that showcase its contents. The invention Intermills label paper it possible to obtain this remarkable performance with a reverse face covered with a coating slip whose weight can advantageously be reduced to 1.

Label Papers

The labels have to be non-flaking. Labels for bottles used to contain drinks have to meet a certain number of criteria, which can be summarised briefly as follows: The signal S2 serves to adjust the heating power of the dryer 7 in order to reduce to zero the difference between the measured humidity represented by the signal H2 and the corresponding reference represented by the signal C2.

Method according to claim 1 characterized in that each electronically controlled drying-rewetting cycle includes the steps of measuring the moisture content of the paper after a drying stage and producing a signal representing the moisture content, and comparing the measuring signal with a predetermined stored reference value in an electronic controller so as to produce a command signal S1, S2, S3 proportional to the difference between the produced signal and the corresponding reference value, said command signal automatically adjusting the heating power used in the aforesaid drying state.

Synthetic or "film" labels meet the needs of more challenging environmental applications, with rugged qualities, including: PRIOR ART The present invention relates to the manufacture of coated paper, and concerns in particular improvements aimed at enhancing the properties of the coated paper intended for producing bottle labels.

We carry an extensive library of dies for manufacturing custom sizes and configurations for labels and tags, as well as a variety of facesheets, adhesives and liners. The quantity of water absorbed by the paper is then usually of the order of 12 to 15 grams per square meter.

The number of measuring devices 13 is obviously in no way limited to three. At the discharge from the dryer 4, the base passes under a friction roller 5, which finishes preparing the base for the coating of the front and reverse faces. According to a first aspect of the invention, the composition of the coating slip applied to the reverse face is selected to improve the suitability for labelling.

Compared with sheets, rolls are still easier to manage with manual application Curve A shows that the absorption of water by the paper produced according to the invention is greatly accelerated.

The command signal S1 serves to adjust the heating power of the dryer 4 in order to reduce to zero the difference between the measured humidity represented by the signal H1 and the corresponding reference represented by the signal C1.

The reference signals are generated and stored in a control processor Optionally the coating can be carried out successively on each of the faces with intermediate drying. The base then contains 0. The fibrous composition is for example: Coated label paper intended to be used on bottles, manufactured according to the method of claim 1.

The references are chosen according to the characteristics of the paper to be produced. Proofread everything for typos and grammatical errors. The method of manufacturing a coated paper as set forth in claim 14, characterized in that to the mixture of cross-linkable latex and soft latex is added an agent for reducing solubility, fixing all the free links in the cross-linkable latex.

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Intermills label paper
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