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Undue Influence can be invoked against a third party who did not itself exert the influence 4. A new approach can be taken -that presents undue influence as a flexible doctrine- including the presence of flaws within the claimant and defendant oriented definitions.

It deals with where, as a result of the relationship between them, one party is in a position to exercise undue influence over the other So, where C enters into a particular transaction as a result of the undue II.

Burden of Proof I. However, if the intention is to use it strictly to decide whether undue influence has been exercised or not, the flaws within their definitions might lead to misconceptions.

Usual restitutionary remedy for undue influence II. Usual 4 bars apply 2. Therefore, even if the two doctrines share similarities, they should still be distinguished. Firstly, arguments on whether undue influence is claimant-oriented or defendant-oriented.

Secondly, divisions that are known as actual and presumed undue influence as well as subdivisions and requirements under them. This means that the formatting here may have errors.

Flaws within the definition of actual undue influence caused it to overlap with other doctrines, hence emerging to misinform its overall implication.

But that would be to a relationship of solicitor and client or medical advisor and patient, in the case of husband and wife there are intent reasons why such a transaction may well be for her benefit.

Restitutio in integrum I. It appears that the Court of Appeal; after recognising that the case is similar with others which had previously been classified as actual undue influence cases, had directly applied the rules set strictly under it without recognising that equity cases are variant and can be each judged valuably by their unique facts.

Aboody had unduly influenced her, he had not acted with any improper motive.

Undue Influence

Bank of Scotland v Bennett [] 1 F. Such criteria can be useful in describing the different parameters on what undue influence is generally all about. Lucken had exercised undue influence upon her. Some of cases set under presumed undue influence had been miscategorised after directly applying the rules rather than interpreting the facts valuably.

Furthermore, in Bank of Credit and Commerce International SA v Aboody, the Court of Appeal dismissed the appeal because it had not been shown that the transactions were manifestly disadvantageous to Mrs.

Presumed undue influence taxonomy appears to have characteristics that divert undue influence from its essence meaning. This text version has had its formatting removed so pay attention to its contents alone rather than its presentation. Since the acceptance of economic duress it is argued Birks, Lord Nicholls, Burrows that in order to avoid overlap between undue influence and duress: She later claimed that the charge was impeachable because Mr.

Relationships are infinitely various…It would be absurd for the law to preserve that every gift by a child to a parent, or every transaction between a client and his solicitor or between a patient and his doctor, was brought about by undue influence.

Overall, since it is a well vitiated concept known to be an equitable jurisdiction, courts should apply the doctrine of undue influence flexibly based on the facts of the case. The version you download will have its original formatting intact and so will be much prettier to look at.

If jurists apply the rules rigorously, they will only be; as Lord Nicholls refers to in Etridge, presuming that influence exists.

There have been many subdivisions and titles that were set under undue influence. She undertakes a serious financial obligation, and in return she personally receives nothing.

Accordingly, returning to the basic definition that has been agreed upon would reduce the bewilderment and increase the possibilities that courts make correct jurisdictions.

However, once jurists intend to view them as firm rules that should be applied to any case that seems to relate to a certain criteria, they will be contradicting the overall idea that the doctrine is equitable. Allcard v Skinner - this case identified the two categories 2. It should be observed each relationship should be interpreted individually rather than being grouped into a certain type.

Aboody, because even though Mr. Since RBS v Etridge No 2C is required to prove that a transaction was entered into as a result of undue influence and that in certain situations C is assisted by a rebuttable evidential presumption of undue influence which shifts the evidential burden of proof to the other party CAUSATION 1.Undue Influence In Equity Lecture "Equity gives relief on the ground of undue influence where an agreement has been obtained by certain kinds of improper pressure which were thought not to amount to duress at common law because no element of violence to the person was involved" (GH Treitel, The Law of Contract).

A person who has been. Since undue influence is an equitable doctrine, the criteria set to define it ought to only provide a framework for judges to exercise their jurisdiction. Hence, it allows them to assess cases flexibly based on the particulate facts provided rather than looking at undue influence as a common law doctrine and applying the rules set strictly.

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Undue influence Introduction.

Undue Influence Notes. This is a sample of our (approximately) influence of the other. 2. 'Undue' I. Undue = unacceptable ie.

influencing party has taken unfair II. Buy the full version of these notes or essay plans and more in. Essay Notes Undue Influence Since the doctrine of undue influence is under the court of equity, it derives from different other doctrines that gives it's classification a wide variation from case to case.

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Essay notes undue influence
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