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Further he exaplained that Information Technology capabilities on business processes can only be exploited by ensuring that its Effective performance management systems essay influences customer management capability, process management capability and performance management capability Bento et al, Diagnostic performance management system, interactive Effective performance management systems essay management system and the hybrid of the two Koufteros et al, as described in section 2.

To gain more insight of how IT benefited institutions, this dissertation looked at how IT supported performance management systems could be integrated in government institutions to effectively improve performance and productivity of its workers.

Information Technology and Information Systems in particular, had proved to be extremely important enablers for successful implementation of change management and subsequently productivity in such institutions. This wave of change in the way enterprises look at business now should be replicated in government institutions especially in developing countries; adoption of IT enabled performance management systems created opportunities for organizations to improve performance results and also helps workers to remain focused on strategy Patricia, He further argued that despite many more challenges that existed in the use of web technologies, there Effective performance management systems essay an unprecedented growth in the use and acceptance of such technologies.

Performance management systems enhance organizational communication Patricia et al,help organizations to align systems in order to obtain desirable behaviors, create an environment where everyone is accountable Effective performance management systems essay their actions and also plays a role in skills development, these are the benefits public institutions can leverage on to competitively position their public business operations.

Integrated Performance management system PMS: Creating an effective model for a public institution demands that the political atmosphere is also taken into consideration Cooke et al,for positive results, the system should be designed in such a way as creating visibility in the way the systems processes performance results.

Other critical considerations in the installation of a performance management system were ensuring availability of an effective communication system; thus communicating the business case or overall picture of what needed to be done, roles and responsibilities, skills, organization alignment, clear measurements systems.

These parameters were important to the implementation of a performance management system. This was a clear indication that regardless of how good a technology might be and how huge the investment could be, if the people working on such IT systems were not efficient, the business cannot be productive, and therefore, the efficiency of any IT system can only yield results when there is a high level of efficiency from people using such systems.

Demartinealso exaplained how power and control should be viewed as an obstacle to organizational innovation, rather diagnostic use of the actual control systems, which emphasized interaction between control leaders and the people being led.

With the implementation of the degree feedback survey, Sam would be able to measure the following aspects such as behaviors as well as competencies, what people perceive about being an employee of the company. It was interesting to note that in the last three years the world over recorded a rapid increase as regards use of Technology Daher et al, ; Haramaik et al, ; Macris et al, ; Melville et al, and there was a significant increase in innovations especially in mobile computing.

Institutions that had implemented and automated their performance systems benefited from such in terms of cost savings, speed of service delivery, productivity and the quality of services being offered. Another consideration in the design is creating synergy between product lifecycle, service relationship and customers Visnjic et al,in incorporating each key performance area in the model, there has to be a relationship amongst these three key factors to ensure that the system provides the true benefits to the business and institutions.

Other factors for consideration in the design of a performance management system are the type of industry and how to integrate the work processes to come up with an effective model.

For public institutions, it was important that their work output was quantified through use of a technique that allowed each employee to be given a target. Wendellreported that companies and organizations have invested huge sums of money into ERP systems to automate business processes.

Rating of existing performance management systems Table 7 performance management rating 3. This necessitated a balanced view point and clear understanding of the subject matter. The key results of the project reviewed how web technologies can greatly improve ways of working in public institutions through web interfaces that allowed for performance data input, storage and retrieval.

Brignallfurther exaplained that companies competitiveness, no longer depends much on cost and price, rather, the focus was on the development of multidimensional performance measurement models Brignall, which were regarded as efficient tools used to measure organizational performance.

This was achieved by exploring several aspects of performance management systems and other factors such as: This is something that should be replicated in public institutions to ensure that there is efficiency and productivity in these institutions.

Use of information technology for effective performance management systems in Zambian Public Institutions Essay: Figure 6 shows a snapshot of an off-shelf performance management system. With the current scenario, even where performance management systems have been introduced, government institutions focus more on compliance and controls Louis et al, instead of focusing on incremental growth.

This placed a lot pressure on the available meager resources. The people who would be included within the entire process are employees, reports, customers, managers, etc. With the meager resources that most third world countries commited to run institutions, it was important that these management innovations were introduced into state run institutions to ensure accountability, high efficiency and also productivity.

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The model in figure 3 by Albento et al, demonstrateted how organizational systems variables could be integrated into performance management system and its impact on business. It was however, noted that human interaction with the system was not clearly defined, if the target was to improve worker performance, more emphasis should have been placed on how workers interacted with the system, this model however, laid a good foundation for developing a high worker productivity centered system as opposed to the WePMS which focused on efficiency of business processes and partially human resource performance.

This had potential to improve service delivery as well as raising the integrity of government operations as people were made to be accountable all the time. Rating of an IT supported performance management system The rating on the need for an IT supported performance management system coupled with other responses received showed that in as much as PMS systems existed in public institutions, they had not impacted performance in a positive way.

It also focuses upon the subjective areas such as effectiveness of the leadership policies, teamwork, character, etc. Figure 18 represents the results obtained and table 5 shows raw data and the percentages. Therefore, not only did these organizations look at resource capacity of their business clients but also their capacity to perform Parthiban et al, Integrated performance measurement systems: Notable countries to have implemented performance management system were New Zealand, whose concept was also adopted in the US and UK.

Organizations were adopting performance management systems to aid efficiency in other ERP systems, for example in supply chain management, such systems helped organizations to select suppliers and distributors.

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It should however, be emphasized that the best tools available for aligning workers to the company vision and mission is through implementation of an IT supported performance management system. The target sample size was but only was captured, a bigger sample size was required, going by the large number of employees in the public institutions and the complex nature of the institutions.HR management essay on: Effective Performance Management Systems.

The article written by David Gliddon – “Effective Performance Management Systems” takes into consideration the current as well as the new ideas for employee evaluation.

This free Information Technology essay on Essay: Use of information technology for effective performance management systems in Zambian Public Institutions is perfect for Information Technology students to use as an example.

In this assignment we will discuss a few important issues when deciding and implementing an effective performance management system.

As mentioned above, performance management is generally described within the context of MBO. Essay on Effective Performance Management - Performance management relates to an organization’s ability to implement a system to evaluate and advance employee performance.

Achieving peak performance requires consistency, clear objectives, and constructive employee evaluation. Performance Management System Essay Words | 4 Pages.

depends largely on the extent to which the organization’s performance management system (PM) is capable of developing the knowledge, skills, and abilities of its people (Allan, ).

- Performance Management System Introduction This report is an attempt to analyse the existing Performance Management System for Large Financial Service Organisation (LFSO) and from this information, recommend, and implement an appropriate new performance management system.

Effective performance management systems essay
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