Compare and contrast the functionalist conflict and interactionist theoretical approaches to the stu

The symbolic interactionist perspective of sociology views society as a product of everyday social interactions of individuals.

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People, as the first answer indicates, interpret behaviors in different ways, and they behave in ways that are shaped by these responses. Focuses on how people interact in their everyday life and how they make sense of this interaction. Robert Merton and Emile Durkheim elaborated functionalism.

With this merger of societies, the interpretation of deviant behavior outside of social norms would have needed to be changed. These two perspectives are very different from each other.

The sociological conflict perspective opposes the functionalist perspective in that it describes society as a system wherein different sectors compete for power and resources, with one set of groups and interests dominating other sets of groups and interests.

Instructions for all Forums: Individuals in a rural setting may have completely differing norms than the city societies they were introduced to in search of jobs. The dependency theory was based off the modernization theory, and I believe that this theory identifies that lower-class nations are economically unstable because of their lack of social, economic and cultural values.

The two theories of global inequality addressed in the reading this week include the modernization theory, and the dependency theory.

In studying deviance, these theorists look at how people in everyday situations define deviance, which differs between cultures and settings. Unfortunately, this can cause a major disadvantage to the middle and lower-class countries as power can be abused and misused.

Theory Origin Many helped formulate and grow the functionalist, conflict and symbolic interactionism theories.

In addition to these two theories, there are three perspectives that also contribute to the issue of global inequality, functionalist perspective, conflict theory, and symbolic interaction. I believe that functionalism explains sociology the best among all three theories because it technically regards sociology as a natural science itself that is based on positivism.

Symbolic interactionism concentrates on individuals who assign, share and agree on symbolic meanings and mannerisms. To promote vibrant discussion as we would in a face to face classroom, formatted citations and references are not required.

Social-Conflict Approach Symbolic Interaction Approach Sees society as a complex system whose parts work together to promote solidarity and stability. Both the functionalist and conflict approaches analyze society on a broad levelwhereas interactionists analyze the behaviors of humans on a smaller level in the context of which the interaction actually occursThe functionalist perspective focuses on the way parts of society are structured to maintain stability Schaeffer: On the other hand, if a student moves to a new school where no one smokes marijuana, he is less likely to take up the habit.Sociologists use a variety of theoretical perspectives to make sense of the world.

Compare and contrast the functionalist perspective with the conflict perspective.

These perspectives or theories provide a framework for understanding observations on topics such as deviance. The symbolic interactionist perspective of sociology views society as a product of everyday social.

Functionalism v. The Conflict Theory v. Symbolic Interactionism

Sep 22,  · compare and contrast functionalist and conflict theories indicating the values and meritsStatus: Resolved. 2 Chana Miller TESC- Apr. Introduction to Sociology SOCOL Mentor Adrienne Captain [email protected] () WA1 A. Compare and contrast the functionalist, conflict, and interactionist theoretical approaches to the study of society%(21).

Jan 29,  · Compare And Contrast The Functionalist, Conflict, And Interactionist Theoretical Approaches To The Study Of Society.

Comp atomic number 18 and contrast the working(a)ist, conflict, and interactionist suppositious approaches to the study of parliamentary procedure. Compare and contrast the Functionalist and Interactionist perspectives to conflict [25 marks] Conflict is either positive or negative.

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However people assume that conflict is always negative. People inherently are different, and conflict simply happens those differences come to light. Equipped with a. Textbooks on introductory sociology and social stratification frequently compare the two theoretical camps by distilling and juxtaposing their contradictory CRITIQUING AND EXPANDING THE SOCIOLOGY OF INEQUALITY: COMPARING FUNCTIONALIST, CONFLICT, AND INTERACTIONIST PERSPECTIVES The conventional wisdom in .

Compare and contrast the functionalist conflict and interactionist theoretical approaches to the stu
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