Civil war letter writing activity

Men in a regiment, or at least in a company, civil war letter writing activity to enlist together.

The Home Front

So he always has a definite audience and a potential audience in mind. Postal Service; the Confederacy never really has a very efficient or working postal service. So letters that come from home will be read probably by more than one person, will probably be read out loud. Parts of the Confederacy, the majority is black slaves.

We poor oppressed ones, appeal to you, and ask fair play. Leave the other side blank; this will be filled out by students later in the class. There is more uncertainty and there is a lot more worry in his letter.

That passage encapsulates quite well a major shift in thinking that goes on. This soldier is a member of the 14th Rhode Island Heavy Artillery. Finally, they gave way and ran, hotly pursued by our brigade, the 32nd leading the charge until pursuit was dangerous.

And they honestly believe that the two races cannot live together harmoniously without the institution of slavery. Also, before battle soldiers are likely to destroy any personal letters that they have on them.

And the Proclamation says that because it is operating in a context of a Constitution that protects slavery. Assessment in this Lesson: Besides this, you are threatened with an insurrection," which is again a reference to the slave uprising that they fear is going to happen because of the Emancipation Proclamation, "and how better can I die than defending my family and fireside.

You wanted to know what I and my comrades thought of the Negro question. They think this is exactly what has been needed since well before the war began. In fact, they agree that it was important and the reason why is not necessarily that they own slaves, they live in a place where 40 percent of the population is black.

When the Union began blockading southern ports, letters were often carried across the border by blockade runners or routed through foreign ports. Their fear is if personal letters are found on them that the enemy will somehow use that information. Not all Civil War letter-writers had such pleasant thoughts as love of home and family on their minds.

He talks about the battle that he calls Sharpsburg and Union soldiers would call Antietam. And so colonization was sort of a way of coping with the tension between the insistence that we really need to get rid of slavery and uncertainty about what do we do with real slaves? Sometimes it means recognition of the full humanity of all black Americans.

The Civil War

Print out the PowerPoint with notes prior to class. It is by a black member of the 14th Rhode Island Heavy Artillery, a black regiment. The Union has the U. But having them read the letters against each other, just asking them what jumps out to you, what are they talking about, what strikes you, what surprises you, initial reactions.

Watch Women in the Civil War In4 video. One is in the moral agency, that we of our own free will decided to do something and two is, we have wives and children, we support families. The war is likely to last for years yet and I cannot reasonably expect to survive it.

Newton Scott Civil War letter, page 2.

Civil War Letters

Meanwhile you have a number of new soldiers entering the ranks. This last fact resulted in the rate of death by disease being twice as high among black soldiers as it was among the rest of the army.

Civil War: A Dear America Activity

There are also private express companies.These documents, in conjunction with many of the documents used in Activity #2, could be used to stage a reenactment of a congressional committee hearing charged with investigating into the problems faced by blacks in the aftermath of the Civil War and suggesting solutions to these problems.

This writing assignment is designed to allow students to write a letter about the Battle of Antietam in a fun and creative way.

Students will use the following websites to gather information about the Battle of Antietam/5(5). World War II Letters; Letter Writing in the Twentieth Century.

Letter Writing Threats. Letter Writing as Art; The Future of Letter Writing; Civil War Letters. As tensions in the United States rose to a fever pitch and civil war broke out inUnion leaders began to develop ways to isolate the mutinous southern states.

Not all Civil War. Civil War: A Dear America Activity. Scholastic’s online learning activities offer students a detailed look at how the Civil War of the s impacted, and divided, America. The Civil War Letters Lesson Grade Level Subject U.S. History Grade Level Subjects History and English Activity 3: Becoming Civil War Letter Writing Correspondents In this activity, students will reflect on the lives of individuals living during the Civil War and.

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Civil war letter writing activity
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