Characteristics of current doctoral dissertations in education

These factors limit their general usefulness in describing the current Characteristics of current doctoral dissertations in education of social work research in the USA.


A random sample of social work dissertation abstracts from dissertations published in ProQuest Dissertations and Abstracts between and from US member schools of the Group for the Advancement of Doctoral Education GADE comprised the sample for this study.

By examining doctoral dissertation research, we can assess the extent to which newer social work scholars are developing expertise in research methodologies and content areas to prepare them to contribute knowledge and meet the needs and challenges of the field.

Some see building a discipline-specific body of knowledge as a legitimate and worthwhile goal. The findings of this study provide interesting and important insights into the characteristics and trends of doctoral education and research and have significant implications for doctoral training and social work research.

The broad variety of research topics and participants chosen by doctoral candidates to study reflect traditional social work focal concerns. Purpose of the present study Examination of doctoral dissertations can provide an indication of the research training and interests, expertise and experiences of the newest generation of researchers and scholars in the field Lekwa and Ysseldyke, The search yielded 3, dissertations.

Social work dissertationssocial work educationsocial work research Introduction The way in which knowledge is built and used by social workers continues to be of significant concern and interest to the profession.

The quality and composition of the knowledge base and research capacity in social work is imperative to the sustainment and advancement of the social work profession, to build our credibility as a profession and to maintain the support of others outside social work Fanshel, Adams and White found the proportion of dissertations utilising a survey research methodology was higher in social work dissertations than in the other disciplines.

To do this, we need to utilise methods that can help us answer important questions and focus on contemporary issues, problems and practices relevant to social work.

Lyons examined titles of social work dissertations completed since and categorised them by content and focus of the dissertation. During the coding process, twenty-five dissertations were found to be ineligible due to being outside of the field of social work.

Of the doctoral dissertation abstracts reviewed, The time frame, January —Decemberwas chosen for several reasons. More recently, Horton and Hawkins examined abstracts of social work dissertations published in to identify those that were focused on intervention direct practice outcomes.

Prior studies of social work doctoral dissertation research have provided important insights into specific methods and issues being studied within specific contexts to inform social work research and doctoral education.

GADE is a non-profit voluntary professional organisation committed to the advancement of doctoral education in social work.

Characteristics of Doctoral Programs

Given that dissertations are conducted under the advisement of a dissertation committee, the dissertation can also be viewed as a reflection of the interests and expertise of social work faculty.

Lastly, the name of each GADE member school was entered to limit the search to those schools. Although most agree that knowledge is important to advance the profession and to inform practice, the means by which knowledge is generated, transmitted and used has not enjoyed such consensus in social work Thyer and Myers, The outer limit of was chosen for the purposes of the second part of the study—examining the publication pattern of social work dissertations.

Prior studies of dissertation research Prior surveys of social work dissertation research have been conducted for a number of different purposes.

The search strategy was developed in consultation with a librarian to determine the most effective and efficient search process in the ProQuest Dissertations and Abstracts database.

The results of the second part of the study are reported in another paper Maynard et al.Policies and Practices of the Doctoral Programs in English Language Teaching in Turkey addresses both global and local developments on doctoral level education in ELT to unravel the current academic and In addition, doctoral dissertations completed between the period and were analyzed to.

The Characteristics of Doctoral Programs were developed by the Coordinating Board's Graduate Education Advisory Committee (GEAC) to provide a snapshot of doctoral programs offered by Texas public universities and health-related institutions.

The information presented in the Characteristics provides institutions with an opportunity. characteristics of current doctoral dissertations in education JOHN W. WICK, CAROLYN DIRKES Educational Researcher 2: 7, The Empirical Status of Social Work Dissertation Research: Characteristics, vancement of Doctoral Education (GADE) comprised the sample for this study.

theses and doctoral dissertations. Characteristics of Current Doctoral Dissertations in Education. Educational Researcher, 2, 7,Jul Presents the characteristics of studies included in the most recent volume of dissertation abstracts with tables: categorizing the studies by type; summarizing the use of different independent variables, and design considerations.

characteristics of current doctoral dissertations in education JOHN W. WICK and CAROLYN DIRKES Educational Researcher 2: 7,

Characteristics of current doctoral dissertations in education
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