Catalyst for women in financial services

So what does the generation of women entering the workforce and moving into management positions want from the organisations they work for? July 25, This report compares the work-related experiences, perceptions, and attitudes of women and men working in pipeline- and senior-level positions in the financial services industry.

Diversity and inclusiveness are now competitive imperatives within an evolving financial services FS marketplace; investors want it, boards want it and clients demand it.

Female millennials are set to play a critical part in future FS growth. Sixty-five percent of women, compared to 13 percent of men, report that women have to work harder than men do to get the same rewards.

Fifty-one percent of women, compared to 8 percent of men, report that women are paid less than men for doing similar work.

Female Millennials in Financial Services: strategies for a new era of talent

More than three-quarters of these CEOs believe that diversity has enhanced innovation, customer satisfaction and overall business performance. With many organisations still finding it difficult to root out aspects of their culture which could lead to excessive risk-taking or regulatory breaches, attracting more women at all levels of the organisation could provide the catalyst for a real shift in attitudes and behaviour.

Although the majority of both men and women in financial services are satisfied with their current positions and employers, women report the existence of subtle discriminatory practices. The findings provide valuable insights into the perceptions, aspirations and characteristics of women in FS, which can help your business to define and refine strategies for recruitment, retention and career development.

Surveys were distributed to more than 2, senior- and pipeline-level women and men employed in seven leading securities firms. Forty-two percent of women and 55 percent of men report that projects and clients are assigned fairly with their firms. Nine focus groups were conducted with senior- and pipeline-level women and men representing approximately 60 securities firms throughout New York, Chicago, and San Francisco.

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Interviews were conducted with six women entrepreneurs who left large securities firms to start their own firms. This item has been saved to your reading list.Catalyst is unique.

We are the only consulting firm specialising exclusively in financial services that blends advisory and consulting delivery services with learning and development expertise.

Free Essay: The Catalyst for Women in Financial Services May 9, University of the Incarnate Word Table of Contents Executive.

Women in Financial Services 2016

Business Resear ch Methods, 11e, Cooper/Schindler 2 The Catalyst for Women in Financial Services • To examine the connection between perceptions of the work environment. A statistical overview on women working in financial services in the U.S., Canada, and other countries around the world.

Financial services defined as services that related to facilities such as saving accounts, checking accounts, leasing, loans and money transfer provided by banks, credit unions and finance companies.1 Flower of service is a visual framework for understanding the supplementary service elements that surround and add value to the core product.

View Catalyst_for_Women_in_Financial_Services from SBBA at Utec Campus. >cases The Catalyst for Women in Financial Services >Abstract Smith Barney (now part of Citigroup Global Markets).

Catalyst for women in financial services
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