Book report brown paper bag

What was their favorite part of the book? Students enjoy getting notes back from the people who happen to get their bags.

What is the probability I will draw an item that starts with "p"? The teacher may want to require title, author, and publisher on the front; an internal conflict on the left side; an external conflict on the right side; or a favorite scene on the back, for example. Students present their projects, in detail, to the class - first explaining the outside of their bags and then explaining each of the items inside.

The summary will look neater if written on straight lines. The class reads a book together and the teacher demonstrates a sample paper bag book report. Why did they select the items? But my favourite part is the inside - students must place 10 objects in the bag that symbolize something important about the character.

Keywords summary, summarize, book, report, cliffhanger, climax, community service, literacy Materials Needed brown paper bags from local grocery store pens or pencils art supplies Lesson Plan Go to your local grocery store and ask for brown paper bags.

Fun Book Reports - Paper Bag Book Report

The summary should not give away the ending of the book; it should leave the reader wanting to read more! Students have to provide supporting evidence and their own thinking for all the panels.

Grades can complete this project. Assessment At the beginning of the project, provide students with a rubric detailing what is expected in order to achieve an "A.

Books Paper bags large to lunch-size Decorative items for the bag markers, stickers, etc. Explain that students will be writing and illustrating book reports on the bags and, when the book reports are complete, the bags will be returned to the store.

When the students finished presenting their 10 items inside the bag, we set all the projects up in the nutrition area outside my classroom, and had a gallery walk-through. This makes for a fun oral presentation which exceeds the traditional book report for both the presenter and the audience.

How to Make a Paper Bag Book for Kids

Emphasize that the illustration must be colorful enough to stand out against the brown paper bag. Provide time in class for students to complete their book report projects so they can see others working and have guided practice at fulfilling the promise of their written plans. Students, after filling and decorating their bags, present them to the class.

How many items did everyone in the whole class use? Students can assess each other using a teacher-devised scoring rubric for both the bag and the presentation.

Questions from the class come naturally and should be encouraged. Why did the select the book? Students should choose items to place in the bag to represent significant events or characters from the book.

This can be modified if students are very low functioning--peer tutor or teacher reads book to them. Enhancement of Literacy Skills: When they finish reading, have each student illustrate on the top half of the bag an event in the story he or she read.

This is optional--more appropriate for younger or lower functioning students. Add the items together. Before writing the final summary on the bag, encourage students to use a pencil and ruler to lightly mark lines on the bottom half of the bag.

Paper Bag Book Reports

Explain the project to students and then take them to the library to select a book to read. Cheers to the weekend!!! You can view it here.

Each student chooses and reads a book independently, with teacher approval. Advertise the project to let the public know what your class will be doing and why. For this project students must illustrate the front cover with a picture of their main character.

Paper Bag Book Report

They also present this information to the class - making sure they give a deep explanation about why the object is significant to the character - not just how it is connected to the book. Students devise written plans for their bag book reports, detailing five to seven items for the inside as well as creating layouts for the outside of the bag.

That way, grocery store customers can write to the students. After selecting and reading a book independently, students will create a paper bag book report using an ordinary paper bag. I must go read. My students had such amazing insights this yearBOOK IN A BAG BOOK REPORT.

A “Book in a Bag” is a book report contained in a brown paper or paper gift bag. The purpose of the outside of the bag is to interest a classmate to want to read your book. Go to your local grocery store and ask for brown paper bags. Explain that students will be writing and illustrating book reports on the bags and, when the book reports are complete, the bags will be returned to the store.

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Brown Paper Bag @SheLovesMeechie @TheRealYvngQuan - Duration: Jul 02,  · How to Create a Paper Bag Book Cover. Covering a book with paper protects the hardcover from wear and tear.

then a paper bag is a great alternative, and is also environmentally friendly. Using a brown paper bag also allows you to personalize the cover with your own designs and decorations.

Cookies make wikiHow better. By 77%(79). Paper Bag Book Report You will be completing a paper bag book report as an assessment for your independent reading book. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. Fun Book Reports - Paper Bag Book Report.

Fun Book Reports - Paper Bag Book Report. Fun Book Reports - Paper Bag Book Report The Brown-Bag Teacher: Book Report Alternative: Book Blurbs. Find this Pin and more on A+ Teaching Tips by Literary Sherri.

Book report brown paper bag
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