Assignment the things you carry

This along with numerous other paddings to my college application including being the statistics manager for three sports, holding a summer job working with children and my involvement in a number of clubs and societies will hopefully get me accepted to a good university.

One more thing that I normally have on me is my opinions. Tell students to return to the lists they made in the previous class session and to add to their lists anything, concrete or abstract, they may have forgotten.

Worth Its Weight: Letter Writing with

Ask students to share what they know about the Vietnam War before Assignment the things you carry begin reading. What is it that I carry? This includes a few Harry Potter ones and a Doctor Who one.

Ask students to make categories for these things and to consider the possible symbolic weight of the various things the soldiers carry. Finally, I have a thick leather bracelet which is a part of a pair. Everyone carries things with them through their day to day live. In a brief narrative, write about the kinds of things you carry.

Ask students to estimate the symbolic weight of these items listed on the board. You can use physical and non-physical things… but you have to be specific. What things are more hidden?

Give each Assignment the things you carry a copy of the What Are You Carrying? When I find something that I think is worth speaking up about, I quickly find my voice.

One thing that I almost always have on me is a novel of some sort. Which begs the question: Remind them that there are no right or wrong answers. My mother and I have matching ones after an incident where I lost mine, bought a new one and then someone returned the original one.

I hope to graduate my high-school with as many accomplishments that I can possibly get my hands on and hope to land myself a ranking in the top ten of my class.

How far have you traveled? For example, people may carry the death of a love one or their fears. Note that these things may represent positive or negative weight. What do you carry every day in school? Remind students that while their letters will be in friendly letter format and will therefore have an informal tone, the letters still must include details, as well as solid and specific ideas.

After they finish freewriting, tell students to use their freewrites to determine which one of the things from their lists they feel most strongly about and want to elaborate on in their upcoming letter writing assignment.

Students should begin to realize that we give weight to both objects and ideas depending on their importance and personal significance. The intent is to help students see that people carry things for different reasons and that we all have our own burdens. As students begin to make their lists, prompt them with some of the following questions: At almost any given time, I have at least one, but normally two or three, books on my person.

What do you have to bring to work? For homework, ask students to read the story. Think and write about what these things say about you. Encourage discussion that examines what each soldier carries and how that information reveals character.

Another thing I carry with me are my goals for the future and my determination to reach and possibly exceed them. The things that people carry are unique to that specific person. Finally, I always have jewelry on me in the form of my ring and my bracelets.

For example, one student may be carrying a detention slip that seems to weigh 50 pounds because of the trouble it involves, whereas another student may have a similar slip and find it almost weightless!

What do you carry in the summer? Explain the activity, telling them that they will write a letter to someone with whom they can share the weight of one of these things they carry.

My boyfriend has the other one.The Things You Carry When I read this assignment, I should know and understand your cultural experience through the five items and the two carefully written sentences you construct for each item.

As with all assignments. You may include the things that your classmates and friends carry, and the impact that those things have on their lives.

Read again O’Brien’s paragraphs about the things the soldiers carried. Notice the structure – names, objects, weights, causes, and reasons.

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What things do you carry that you’d like to put down? Next create a visual using all the items on your list. Be sure to group these items into categories such as Necessitites, luxuries, things I love concrete things, abstract things, things that make me things I wish I could put down.

These same men would carry things to remind them of home, 20 ballpoint pens, two pocket folders, one five-subject notebook and one assignment notebook. I carry a textbook for every class except English, my cell phone, my packed lunchbox, and of course a water bottle or two to stay hydrated throughout the day.


Assignment the things you carry
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