An analysis of the cruise line industry carnival case study

One option was to use CRM software.

Carnival Cruise Lines Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Carnival is using its assets effectively. Furthermore, Carnival has a strong market expansion strategy for selling the mass-market cruise category and first-time cruisers. Six of the members are directly involved in the Carnival Corporation.

Carnival felt they did not have to be the IT innovator in the industry. This has come about because there are more women in the workplace, which gives households more disposable income. Carnival also hopes to attract a larger percent of the vacationing market and increase their number of repeat customers.

This results in customer satisfaction, which leads to new and repeat customers. Carnival is trying to increase the size of the company so that they can have the lowest break-even point in the industry.

Carnival has a large IS group, but the focus has been on maintenance and operations of the existing infrastructure. Mission — To consistently exceed guests expectations in all areas of product, service, and support.

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They have a clear vision and knowledge about the industry and a commitment to their brand essence, which is fun.

One area that Carnival needs to improve upon in order to stay competitive within the industry is information technology. Finally, Carnival plans to attract more customers by training travel agents to promote their product.

The management team in place has been in place for several years. Also, as an extension to their branding of the "fun" ships they are the low-price leaders. Societal environment is strong. The Carnival experience is the standard against what past cruisers judge their later cruise experiences.

Another effective strategy is the high quality of the service. When the Corporation merges or buys out other companies they often keep on the key players from the new acquisition. The company is financially strong.

Another strategy is the economies of scale. Top Management — The management of Carnival Corporation is very strong. They are particularly interested in Asia and the European markets. In order to gain new customers they need to know who to market.

Carnival Cruise Line – Crisis Communication Analysis Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

These very large ships not only hold more people, The other nine members hold various jobs, such as ambassadors and executives of financial groups. Management at Carnival had been discussing what strategy to use in order to get a better feel for who their customers were and how to make them loyal customers.

Board — The board is comprised of fifteen members. The company has a stable mix of inside and outside directors. Carnival is now building superliners. Their sales increased by Because of their strong brand image they are able to achieve double-digit growth in the industry.

Carnival has captured the "fun" psychographic and has a strong reputation for an enjoyable, relaxed cruise. The leaders have been responsible for many firsts in the industry. One strategy is acquiring new cruise lines and building new ships.Answer: Carnival paying taxes only on revenues from princess and Holland America’s sales of U.

government often subsidize the industry a practice that work to the benefit of the cruise line industry by offering less expensive prices. Fun Ships: Carnival made the interior of cruise in such a way that entertained the guests and it introduced such activities that provided fun to cruisers such as the launch of bars on cruise, which differentiated their position in the cruise industry.

After delving into the details of each case, this study will offer an analysis of each crisis and draw overall conclusions about the Carnival as well as the cruise industry. Overview of crisis situation at Carnival Cruise Line.

Cruise Line Industry: Carnival Case Study

The paper basically explores the issue at Carnival Cruise Lines (Carnival), which is a famous cruise ship line used for has been continuously enduring the crisis situation where it has failed to take the necessary action for its rectification.

Carnival Cruise Lines Case Analysis Carnival Cruise Lines is the largest cruise company in North America and carries more than 60, passengers a week.

The Carnival experience is the standard against what past cruisers judge their later cruise experiences. Cruise Lines Industry Analysis. For Later. save. Related. Info. Embed. Share. Carnival Cruise Case Study. Carnival Corporate Level Strategy The capital requirement in the cruise line industry is so large that it discourages all but the biggest companies.

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An analysis of the cruise line industry carnival case study
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