Americas vision hamilton or jefferson

The Constitution had been ratified, and George Washingtonelected the first president of the United States by a unanimous vote of the Electoral Collegewas putting together his new national government.

Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson, First Inaugural Address, Just as he had done when Americas vision hamilton or jefferson finished his term as Virginia governor, he claimed to all who would listen that he was truly retiring from public life, that this time he was moving home for good. A revolution had just broken out there that he believed had great promise for spreading the ideals of the American Revolution throughout Europe, and it required his continued attentions.

Hamilton said the few, and Jefferson said the many. The government needed to help these people compete in a global marketplace.

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Hamilton lived for New York City. Confrontations That Shaped a Nation. Jefferson thought he would come home for a few months, at most—just enough time to settle his daughters and put affairs at Monticello back in order before returning to France to serve American interest.

Hamilton wanted to concentrate power in a centralized federal government with limited access and Jefferson wished to diffuse it among all the eligible freemen of the time.

Still, his service as secretary of state was the most consequential so far in his life. Although, I think even Hamilton would have repented his sins if he saw the level to which our federal government has risen and grown.

Jefferson, on the other hand, thought that such a bank would encourage people to leave agriculture for guesswork and give business interests too much power in the federal government. That was a lasting victory.

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And the best way to help those farmers, Jefferson argued, was to leave real power close to them, in their state governments, and keep the federal government out of their way.

How did the two visions clash in eighteenth-century America? He emphasized liberty, democracy, and social welfare and believed that the main purpose of If the government was going to help anyone, it should be helping those farmers on whom the commercialists preyed. In regard to bankers, whether Hamilton was a conscious tool of them or not, his vision of a centalized bank for this country is stronger than could have been imagined.

Constitution by James Madison.

Americas Vision Hamilton Or Jefferson

He saw the common man as independent and able to take care of himself, but in many ways that is not the case today.

Unlock All Answers Now. Jefferson accepted the post and moved to New York City, the temporary capital of the new republic, on 21 March Hamilton, on the other hand, was a champion for the bankers and a stronger federal government. By Februarythe two were locked in an outright struggle, waging a newspaper war by proxy.

He points to republican principles championed by Jefferson such as local control of education, democratizing land holding and decentralized government.

Jefferson and his political allies opposed these reforms. Madison cooperating with Mr. He was inherently suspicious of anything that compromised individual self-sufficiency just look at how he felt about cities!

Other men, most notably James Madison and John Adams, also contributed to the formation of political parties, but Hamilton and Jefferson came to represent the divisions that shaped the early national political landscape.

Whose Vision of America Won Out—Hamilton’s or Jefferson’s?

Economically speaking, Jefferson envisioned a society that was based mainly on the presence of many small farmers.Jefferson's and Hamilton's Vision of America After the American Revolution, the politicians in the country began to discuss ways in which the country should handle business so as to make America.

The two contrasting visions of government of Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton betrayed two different understandings of American power and the American people. For Hamilton, America's strength lay in its commerce.

Mar 22,  · Best Answer: Thomas Jefferson wanted wanted a weak central government, the governments of powerful states, and Agrarian Republic. Jefferson opposed taxes that fell most heavily on Agrarian farmers, and contested the industrializing ideas of Alexander Resolved.

Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton were completely at odds in their vision on how America was to develop. Hamilton wanted to concentrate power in a centralized federal government with limited access and Jefferson wished to diffuse it among all the eligible freemen of the time.

Thomas Jefferson or Alexander Hamilton -- whose vision has won out?Both Jefferson and Hamilton had a definite vision of what American society should become.

Leader. Peter S. Onuf.

Jefferson versus Hamilton

Thomas Jefferson Memorial Foundation Professor of History, University of Virginia. About the Seminar. Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson offered distinct visions for the nation they were founding — one urban and industrial, the other rural and agrarian.

Americas vision hamilton or jefferson
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