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Airborne Express & The Evolution of the Air Express Industry 1973-2002

After many years of trying to take share from FedEx and Airborne Express, UPS recognized that the market had matured at this point in time.

Volpg The company needs to be ready to respond to this shift in Air express industry and capture revenues in ground delivery services. Despite the rapid growth in the air express industry during the nineteen eighties, profit margins were declining.

Major corporations that utilized the air express industry began to pool together and leveraged their purchasing power to bargain for more price reductions. Recommendations Airborne needs to continue to cut its costs and increase its productivity in order to compete with the larger players in the industry.

UPS wanted to convey to the rest of the industry that the price war was over. Powerful buyers in an industry can squeeze profits out of that industry.

Although DHL is a market leader in various countries internationally, the company could not find success with the Airborne Express acquisition in the United States.

The result was a substantial withdrawal from all-cargo flights by the major airlines and an increase Air express industry demand for next-day package delivery services.

Airborne Express Strengths and Weaknesses Airborne Express remains a distant third in the US air express industry in terms of market share. It won the Brand Keys Customer Loyalty Award for the parcel delivery category for five years in a row [9]. Number two, high volume customers are able to drive down prices and can command significant discounts.

On the productivity side, Airborne has taken positive steps by centralizing its customs brokerage service at its sort facility in Wilmington, Ohio.

This low cost structure helped Airborne maintain a Factiva [5] Rotbart, Dean. However, the company did manage to survive the industry shakeout of the late nineteen eighties due to its distinctive competencies and low cost structure. Increasing the number of shipping kiosks available to individual customers could be established through a strategic alliance with a retail partner.

In Federal Express further shocked the industry by initiating price cuts on its overnight service [6]. While this strategy provides constant volume it does have its drawbacks. Federal Express and Airborne were more than happy to implement a tit-for-tat strategy and thus raise their prices.

During the mature stage of the industry life cycle model companies tend to reduce the industry competition and preserve industry profitability. Brazen price discounting increased the rivalry amongst established firms and inevitably led to reduced profitability in the industry.

Factiva [7] Foust, Dean. History and Development of the Industry The majority of the freight industry circa was constituted of the major players in the passenger airline industry.

The dynamics of the industry were soon changed by Fred Smith Jr. Although airborne needs to maintain ties to its corporate customer base, it also needs to pay more attention to smaller customers. I composed this writeup for strategy class back in February of ; one year before the organization ceased operations in the United States.

UPS for the first time since it entered the air express market in began to raise prices on its next day air service.

In order to compete with its more powerful rivals in the industry, Airborne concentrated on the niche market of high volume corporate accounts. Airborne also needs to ramp up its domestic ground services in order to hedge against the shrinking market in high margin overnight deliveries.

Brand loyalty is a significant asset as it helps a company retain market share. The model proved to be a success due to its many efficiencies and new entrants into the industry copied this operating process. References [1] Transport Topics: Final Edition 2 Dec. Another threat to industry profitability came from the strong competitive force represented by the bargaining power of buyers.

Number one, a predominately corporate customer base will make Airborne much more sensitive to downturns in the economy. As a result the industry was dominated by a small number of companies.

This service needs to be expanded to individual customers and small businesses in order to take advantage of the large capital spending Airborne undertook to establish ground services.

Price signaling was clearly utilized to influence the rest of the players in the industry to raise their prices. Rapid Growth and Low Returns. In addition, Airborne has very high brand loyalty. A handful of all cargo airlines most notably Flying Tiger founded by 10 pilots from the famous WW2 volunteer fighter unitalso participated in this space [3].

The move was designed to preempt expansion by UPS into this space. Rising Prices in The industry during this period of time had just emerged from the shakeout phase and was entering the mature phase of the industry life cycle model.Airborne Express remains a distant third in the US air express industry in terms of market share.

However, the company did manage to survive the industry shakeout of the late nineteen eighties due to its distinctive competencies and low cost structure.

The case study, "The Evolution of the Air Express Industry, " details the emergence of a new sector of the air cargo industry, that of delivering smaller packages containing documents and other items and eventually larger products on a door-to-door basis, which would be faster than the air cargo model that existed pre Air Tiger Express Companies, Inc., commonly known as "ATE Group," is a Delaware, U.S.A.

Holding Company which owns % interest in Air Tiger Express (U.S.A.), Inc., an USA Operating Company, and Air Tiger Express (Asia), Inc., an Asia Operating Company which operates under the name of "Air Tiger Express", ATE Logistics" or. Sub-Industry: Logistics Services.

Air Express International USA, Inc. was founded in The company's line of business includes the arranging of Location: Nw 82nd Ave, Doral, FLUnited States. Air express services are only used where there are no other options available to meet same day and next-day delivery requirements.

For some companies, members of the express industry organise all aspects of their. The growth of air express industry from to and projections till are given below in Table 2.

million. it was difficult to estimate the true size of the Indian market in the air express industry.

Air express industry
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