A character analysis of fernand mondego in the count of monte cristo

Peppino was sentenced to death, and the Count used his wealth he gave one of the three enormous emeralds from his treasures to the Pope, who installed it in his tiara and his influence to buy a pardon for Peppino, just minutes before Peppino was to be executed. She abhors the idea of marriage and bondage and wants to live as a liberated woman in charge of her own destiny.

Ali is amazingly adept with all sorts of weapons. Mondego is overcome with rage and jealousy, however, and engages Dantes in a duel.

Fernand Mondego

Noirtier is the father of Villefort, yet he is not a royalist, but a supporter of Napoleon. The characters in the novel are not arrogant about life—they simply live it melodramatically, finding the world devoid of hope and meaning on a fairly regular basis.

This fortune causes extreme envy in her stepmother. After Dantes is put in jail, Fernand marries Mercedes and they have a son named Albert. To do so, however, he must ask her to undergo such tremendous terrors as being entombed alive, until she is reborn into happiness with Maximilien at the end of the novel.

Danglars grows very rich as an investment banker but in the end of the story Monte Cristo gets his revenge, leaving Danglars without family or fortune. He is later saved by Monte-Cristo from bankruptcy and suicide. She is the wife of Villefort who secretly poisons several people in the family in order to ensure their inheritance for her son.

When the child is born, Villefort announces that the child is stillborn and takes the child in a box to the garden, where he plans to bury him alive. After this public denunciation and the discovery that his second wife has poisoned several members of his household, her son, and herself, Villefort goes mad.

The Count of Monte Cristo

Prior to the realization that his beloved friend, Maximilien, loves Valentine, The Count had begun his revenge with the biblical philosophy that the sins of the father will be visited upon the later generations, even unto the fourth generation.

After the death of Barrois, whom the doctor is certain was the victim of the same poison, he threatens Villefort with a police investigation, but is persuaded to keep the matter quiet.

Fernand Mondego (The Count of Monte Cristo)

He escapes fourteen years later, after he has learned where a vast fortune is amassed. Though she is suppose to marry Franz, her true lover is Maximilien Morrel.

Monte-Cristo later brings about the revelation that Fernand got his fortune by selling out the pasha of Janina to the enemy.

The Count of Monte Cristo: Character Profiles

The boy is named Benedetto, and he will later be brought back to Paris by Monte Cristo as Prince Cavalcanti and will accuse his own father, Villefort, of all of his dastardly deeds.

His wife and son leave him, and he commits suicide. Monsieur Morrel, a shipbuilder and shipowner This is a kindly man interested only in doing good for others and for his family. When Fernand is shamed, Albert leaves to join the military.

Emmanuel is just as noble and perpetually happy as his wife, Julie. They run away together in hopes that they can go on the stage as singers.Fernand Mondego has appeared in the following books: The Count of Monte Cristo and Le Comte de Monte-Cristo II (Le Comte de Monte-Cristo #2 of 2).

Complete List of Characters in Alexandre Dumas's The Count of Monte Cristo. Learn everything you need to know about, Abbé Faría, and more in The Count of Monte Cristo. Character Analysis; Character Map; The Count of Monte Cristo | Characters Share. Fernand Mondego: Fernand Mondego, later known as the.

~ Fernand Mondego to his wife, Mercedes Fernand Mondego is the main antagonist in Alexandre Dumas' novel, The Count of Monte Cristo. He is Edmond Dantés' rival for the affections of a woman named killarney10mile.com: Count de Morcerf. Character Bios.

Thematic Analysis; Timeline; Revenge; Alternate Ending; Poetry; New Book Cover; Fernand Mondego (The Count de Morcef) Fernand is Edmond's nemesis in the book.

The Count of Monte Cristo Characters

He is said to be the 'cousin' of Mercedes but he is madly in love with her. Monte Cristo then accuses Fernand of murder and fraud and Fernand attempts to.

The Count of Monte Cristo: Character Profiles, Free Study Guides and book notes including comprehensive chapter analysis, complete summary analysis, author biography information, character profiles, theme analysis, metaphor analysis, and top ten quotes on classic literature.

The Count of Monte Cristo is a historical novel, with key plot elements drawn from real historic events. Politics, therefore, play a significant role in the novel, particularly in branding certain characters good or bad.

A character analysis of fernand mondego in the count of monte cristo
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